Farm Facility

Our farm has firmly established itself as a provider of Farm Direct Hazelnuts to East and West Coast food product manufacturers and distributors of all sizes.  All of our manufacturing is done at our farm in Monmouth, Oregon. We provide premium dry roast and seasoned hazelnuts as well as meal and diced hazelnuts. Our focus is on food safety, quality, service, flexibility, and relationships.


Food safety is our number one concern at Freddy Guys. We use BioLogic Resources, LLC an accredited microbiological lab testing company, which test raw materials and finished products and verifies food quality and envoirnmental testing. 

Quality Control

Freddy Guys can meet your quality standards. We provide wholesalers with a certificates of analysis, which confirms our commitment to the highest food safety standards.  

Food Safety Systems

Freddy Guys rigorously supports all prerequisite food safety programs including GMP, Supplier Compliance, Labeling, Allergen Control, Sanitation, Food Defense, Pest Control, Chemical Control and Product Recall which are required for our fully developed and implemented HACCP Program.  All of our food safety programs are audited and certified annually by SQF, a leading industry recognized independent auditing agency.


Distribution of Freddy Guys products are handled through our Monmouth, Oregon farm facility. From UPS to truckloads, we can deliver your shipment to you in a timely manner.

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