Here's the original product. When you order these nuts we have only removed the shell. These nuts are softer, more sweet and more perishable. They are wonderful to home-roast. Instructions included with each order. The Dry Roasted nuts have additionally been put through a slow heating process which gives a wonderful crunch and creates a much longer lasting nut.

Crumbled Hazelnuts-SOLD OUT!!!!


Perfect for baking, cooking, candy coating or adding a finishing touch to any dessert!

16 oz Package: Retail$ 13.50 

16 oz Package On Sale: $$$$SOLD OUT$$$$

Sampler of Dry Roast and Raw hazelnuts
The Sampler- Dry Roast and Natural Combo

This combination includes two total packages: One package each of our dry roasted and natural hazelnuts. 

Options include: two- 8 oz packages or two-16 oz packages

two- 8 oz packages: $15.00

two-16 oz packages: $25.50

$15.00 - $25.50
Raw Hazelnuts
Raw Hazelnut Kernels

 Natural fresh hazelnuts, simply shelled with no additional processing. Available in individual and bulk sizes.   

8oz package: $8.00

16oz package: $13.50

10 lbs Bulk Bag: $106.00


$8.00 - $106.00
Natural Combination Pack

Perfect for baking! The natural combination includes three total packages: One package each of our dry roasted, hazelnut meal and diced hazelnuts. 

Options include: Three- 8 oz packages or Three-16 oz packages

(3) 8oz packages: $21.50

(3) 16oz packages: $33.50

$21.50 - $33.50
Roasted Diced Hazelnuts

Our original dry roasted hazelnuts, perfectly diced. No added oils. Available in individual and bulk sizes.   

8oz Package: $8.00

16oz Package: $13.50

10lbs Bulk Bag: $106.00

$8.00 - $106.00
Roasted Hazelnut Meal

Dry roasted and ground hazelnuts, a perfect flour enhancer or gluten-free flour alternative. Available in individual and bulk sizes.

8oz Package: $8.00

16oz Package: $13.50

10lbs Bulk Bag: $106.00


$8.00 - $106.00
Dry Roasted Hazelnuts
Dry Roasted Kernels

A Freddy Guys original! Dry Roasted hazelnuts. All natural. No oils added. Available in individual and bulk sizes.  

7oz Package: $7.00

12oz Package: $11.00

10lbs Bulk Bag: $106.00

$7.00 - $106.00
Dry Roast and Chocolate Combination

This combination includes: one 7 oz bag each of our Dry Roasted, and Chocolate-covered hazelnuts. 

(2) 7oz packages: $18.00

***Please Note: Warmer regions, we recommend you ship chocolate to an address where someone is available to accept shipment immediately.