Seasoned to add spice to your life! No oils or artificial additives.

Salted Hazelnuts

Dry roasted and tossed in premium sea salt. No oils added. Available in individual or bulk sizes.   


$9.00 - $67.50
Zesty Seasoned Hazelnuts

 Dry roasted and seasoned with our signature spices! Available in individual or bulk sizes. 


$11.00 - $67.50
Seasoned Combination Pack

This combination includes two total packages: One package each of our salted and zesty hazelnuts. 

Options include: two- 7oz packages or two-12oz packages

$17.00 - $24.00
Dry Roasted, Salted, and Zesty Combination

This combination includes three total packages: One package each of our dry roast, salted and zesty hazelnuts.

Options include: Three- 7 oz packages or Three-12 oz packages


$23.00 - $34.00