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Freddy Guys Hazelnuts are all natural and dry roasted right on the Freddy Guys family farm — with no oils. These are whole kernel, shelled hazelnuts. These 100% Oregon hazelnuts are harvested each year with care. They are farm direct, never warehoused and always fresh. They are also Oregon Kosher Certified. Per order, you get two bags of hazelnuts — perfect for nibbling, cooking, baking, or sharing! Nut products will stay fresher longer when refrigerated.

$7.00 - $106.00
Raw (Natural) Hazelnut Kernels

These are the natural nuts, just out of the shell with no other processing.
Available in 8oz to 10lb packs.
4oz. Packages available wholesale only - please call.
Best Seller!

$8.00 - $106.00
Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts

A Deep Rich Chocolate for the true chocoholic!!!  Available in 4oz to 5lb sizes.*Please notice that we do not ship chocolate into the south in the summer.

$7.00 - $80.00
hazelnut granola freddy guys

16oz bag of natural hazelnut granola. Buy multiples and save!

$11.00 - $20.00
Salted Hazelnuts

Dry Roasted hazelnuts lightly salted with sea salt. No oils added!
Available in 8oz to 5lb packages.
4oz. Packages available wholesale only - please call.

$11.00 - $67.50

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